Our small businesses are changing with the times. More and more of our customers are choosing to stay at home and shop from their living room. Instead of waiting for customers to come in to your business, showcase your products on a live sale on your social media platforms! This is an exciting way to present your products and build relationships with those who are buying from you.

How Can You Help Me With Live Sales on Facebook?

If you have never sold products on a live sale, the thought can be a bit scary for some you! Maybe you don’t feel comfortable on camera, maybe you think people won’t watch you or want to see your products. I’m here to tell you that you are wrong! Live sales are engaging and fun, your customers get to see who you are and your passion for your business.

I already work with a few small businesses to help them with their live sales. My shining star is Mary with Spellbound Creations. After a crippling injury left her wondering how she was going to pay her bills, she turned to her love of making candles into a full business. Each week, she goes live on Facebook and Tik Tok as she goes through the process of making candles and sells the ones that are ready to be shipped out to their new home. In a few short months, she expanded her business to include selling jewelry, crystals and incorporating other local small businesses to help them promote their items as well!

  • Before her live sales, we have a face to face video chat to check her sound levels, her look, the location of the camera and do a quick test run of showing a product.
  • I also get her hyped up and energized to be confident and positive as she starts her live.
  • I participate in her live sale and help keep the conversation going.
  • I keep records of the sales that she makes.
  • I share the video in the appropriate groups to increase viewers.
  • I maintain a list of the viewers that are sharing her post in order to add them to a random wheel to pick a winner for her giveaway at the end of the night.

Does This Sound Like Something You Would Be Interested In? Then Let’s Chat!