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You need a virtual assistant for your Facebook groups! There are so many people who actively use Facebook groups to communicate and learn from each other. It makes an excellent platform to share your content directly with the audience that you are searching for.

Hire A Virtual Assistant For Your Facebook Group Engagement!

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

First, keep scrolling and decide if the monthly or weekly package is best for you. Once I receive your payment, be on the lookout for your onboarding email from, this will give me all the information I need to get your account established and get started. I will give you access to a google spreadsheet that will show what groups I am using for engagement and in a separate tab, I will show what, where and when things were shared for 30 days. After 30 days, you have the option to continue for a second month or I will still keep your link in my database but I won’t actively track when I share it.

Option #1 – Passive Link Dropping – $50/month

I’m involved in many groups, mainly parenting, food or recipe related, however, I am also in many blogger groups looking for relevant posts to link to for roundups. There are real people searching for answers that your post could give them, if they only knew to look. That’s where I come in! I’m already active in these groups, so when I see that a post you have would help, I’ll supply that link for them!

Why Do You Install A Plug In?

There is a plugin for WordPress that I use to create shortlinks to specific posts. It makes it easier to track clicks to that specific link and also makes it easier to remember to be able to share quickly.

What Happens After You Create The Links?

After I have the shortlinks, I will then add them to my database to use when I am in groups that are looking for specific posts about specific topics. If there is a post that corresponds with a link in my database, I will comment on the post with a relevant answer and include your link.

Option #2 – Active Engagement in Facebook Groups – $40/week

This is more of a weekly project, as it is more intentional than simply dropping a link in the comments. If I am not already involved in groups in your niche, I will strategically join a minimum of 10 groups and maintain activity in the groups to be seen. I will then actively share 5-7 links to your content in these groups for a minimum of 5 days that week.

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