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Why Your Business Needs A Blog… Now.

Blog Your Way to the Top of Your Industry

In business, promotion, visibility, and relevance often drive prosperity. Adding a blog to an organization provides immeasurable value. In today’s market, consumers demand information quickly, and they look to feel connected to the companies with whom they opt to do business. A blog is a manageable way to hit all of these targets.

Why Incorporate a Blog?

Most companies set aside a budget for promotion. Often this can be through print or media advertisements, yet a current and relevant blog can be one of the best promoters of a business. A blog gives credence to a company by allowing it to share key and interesting facts about itself and the market space in which it resides. Consistent blogging brings a company repeated attention. In addition, blogging on hot topics in a market or industry will ensure your company stays on top of the SEO trends.

Listen to Your Customers

Customers like to know there is value to their input and that they have a voice. With accessible blog posts, you empower your customers to comment on and receive responses to your blog topics; in addition, it gives them the ability to reach out and contact you when they are looking for additional information. This give-and-take of communication grants you a leg up as it clues you in on what is essential to your client base and allows you to cater to them. This kind of accessibility, regardless of the size of your business, makes you more personable and makes you available in your market.

Becoming A Trusted Resource

In addition to accessibility, a blog complete with sound, pertinent information helps you become a knowledgeable resource in your field. It can give you a level of authority as a credible source on the issues that matter to your customers, and the key concepts which you long to drive home as a business. When your name boasts regularly circulating content which is relevant in your market, it elevates your branding in your space and increases online traffic to your site.

Blogging As an Inexpensive Way to Boost Your Business

Including a blog as a promotional tool is a crucial way to maximize your return on your advertising budget. Ads cost money, whether you buy TV time, radio spots, or online placement. These ads have a limited run time, as well. An active blog on your website will not only outlast any advertisement you pay to place, but it will also immediately draw it’s readers directly to your site and is cost-effective. Hiring an outside blogger allows your salaried employees to focus on other aspects of your business. By delegating blogging to a freelancer, you are trusting an expert with a specific project for a set fee and ensuring you get exactly what you want every time.

Furthermore, your blogger will be completely focused on providing ongoing content for you which in turn will create a steady draw for your business. Given that a majority of consumers turn to their smartphones or laptops for information, an active blog with attention to SEO trends within your industry will be a beacon. You will be the source giving them answers to questions they did not even know they had. Blogging will elevate your business and allow you to actively compete with your toughest competitors. This edge will allow your business to flourish, and earn you a solid reputation within your community.

About The Author:
Carol Kerber is a married mom with four kids who lives at a horse stable in Ballwin, Missouri. She pursued her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Missouri and went on to get her teaching certification. She worked in both publishing and education before staying home to raise her kids.

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